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International Spas

1) Hotel Elbresidentz, Bad Schandau, Germany

Located in Saxony on the border with the Czech Republic, just a few kilometres from Dresden, Hotel Elbresidentz Bad Schandau has 211 elegant, modern rooms. The Siddhalepa Ayurveda Spa at the hotel offers authentic, traditional ayurveda therapies.

Tel:            +49 3502 29190

Email:        info@elbresidenz-bad-schandau.de

Website:   www.elbresidenz-bad-schandau.de

2) Hotel Kaskady, Sliac, Slovakia

Stunningly located in heart of the High Tatra mountains of Slovakia, the hot springs of Sliac have long been renowned for their health-restoring properties. At Hotel Kaskady, you can augment their effect with authentic ayurveda programmes for relaxation, stimulation and rejuvenation at the Siddhalepa Spa.

Tel:            +421 45 544 11 22

Email:        rezervacie@hotelkaskady.sk

Website:   www.hotelkaskady.sk

3) Hotel Savannah, Znojmo, Czech Republic (near Austrian border)

Just 45 minutes from Vienna on the Czech side of the border with Austria and within close proximity to Znojmo, one of the oldest cities in the Czech Republic, Hotel Savannah is a luxury Art Deco-style hotel with 76 rooms and suites. The Siddhalepa Spa at the hotel offers authentic Ayurveda programmes (including a special 4-day 9-element course) supplemented by a special ayurveda menu.

Tel:            +420 515 262 841

Email:        hotel@hotel-savannah.com

Website:   www.hotel-savannah.com

4) Vital Centre, Bad Homburg, Germany

Once the resort of royalty, Kur Park at Bad Homburg still retains the mystique of a gracious, bygone era. The splendidly-detailed architecture of the Kaiser Wilhelm Baths sets the style for this grand spa town. Just 30 minutes away from Frankfurt Airport, Bad Homburg has two Vital Centres offering authentic Siddhalepa Spa ayurveda treatments for relaxation, stimulation and rejuvenation.

Tel:            +49 6172 178 330

Email:        ayurveda-vitalcenter@web.de

Website:   www.vitalcenter-bad-homburg.de