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Client Testimonials

Last year I visited your nice Country. At that time I brought your Supirivicky Herbal Ayurvedic Toothpaste. It is the best product I've ever used.

Dusan Mesesnel - Slovenia

Recently been on holiday in Sri Lanka and purchased some Siddhalepa balm. I have a long-term problem with nerve and muscular back pain and have found significant relief from using this product to relieve the symptoms.

Mrs. Lorraine Houston - U.K.

My daughter Mary stayed at your Resort and enjoyed all your services. When she visited me she brought back Threepala, as I have some digestive problems. Threepala is wonderful. I have never felt better, since using Threepala.

Kathleen Dalton - U.S.A.

Thank you for sending Threepala so quickly. I was delighted with the speedy delivery. You know that I will be using your Products. DHL Courier service is exceptionally good.

Kathleen Dalton - U.S.A.

Today I have received the toothpaste. I want to thank you for this very fast. I am really very happy also with this product - “Sumudu Ayurvedic Toothpaste” and I will tell this to all my friends.

Nonou-Sharif - Switzerland

C'était une première expérience mais une expérience de rêve. La chaleur des gens un acceuil trés chaleureux les soins la prise en charge de tout le personnel. Les bains d'herbe ou de fleurs et surtout le “Sirodhara” qui vous remets le systeme digestif en place… Je suis enchanté et remercie toute I'èquipe de soin spécialement Arhuna Merci.

Michel Recordon - Switzerland

The Ayurveda treatments I had were wonderfully relaxing and restorative. Gentle and sensitive manner in all things - Massages, Facial, Herbal Bath - one thing followed the next. I am more relaxed and peaceful now and feel beauty inside. It was very special.

Sgd/Marian Young

We arrived very exhausted from Munich, Germany to Sri Lanka and found helpfulness. All treatments were excellent and we are now happy to feel well. We thank you for your intensive, carefully and kindly treatments.

Sgd/U de Zorciod & Ork Lousern - Germany

The Massages were great and herbal baths - heaven. The Pebble Walk has me thinking that I must have a similar one at home. The Yoga classes have set me on the correct direction for tranquility and balance, added to my feeling of more self-confidence and enlightenment.

Sgd/Suna Dell - Holland

I feel very relaxed, have no pain and have lost six kg and most important of everything my Psorasis is gone. I am now leaving a newborn human being.

Sgd/Stroll Rettresson - Germany

My treatment was most relaxing, not only helping my aches and pains.

Sgd/H. Dontenja - Italy

We are very satisfied about the Ayurvedic treatments in general. The discussion, a better word is assessment, about our Dosha's was very interesting and we have now learnt a little more about Ayurveda.

Sgd/Willy & Marl De Brune - Netherlands