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Popular Ayurveda Preparations

Herbal medicines are mixtures of a variety of herbs prepared to time tested pharmaceutical procedure, recommended by ayurveda. The curative properties of these herbs have been identified and catalogued by the ancient Rishis (hermits). They are meant to maintain or regain equilibrium of body functions based on the physical and psychic forces mentioned in Ayurvedic Concepts. No synthetic chemicals are used in the preparation of ayurveda remedies.

Some popular ayurveda preparations are given below:


The juice of herbs with or without water/sugar.


Paste prepared by grinding medicinal plant materials.


A decoction. Herbal materials such as bark, roots, leaves, fruits and flowers are cut, sliced or powdered coarsely and one part of the amalgamation is boiled in four, eight or sixteen parts of water (usually cups) and reduced to a quarter.


Medicinal plant materials in powder form.


Tablets or pills prepared individually or in combination.


Preparation in which herbal drugs are soaked in liquids (mainly water) fermented and filtered. Sometimes natural alcohol obtained from herbs is added to expedite fermentation and efficacy.


An Elixir, a Rasayana preparation similar to Asava. Various decoctions are used and fermented for retaining efficacy over a long period of time.


This is a semi-solid preparation; sugar or jaggery is used as a medium.


Ayurveda medicinal oils; special procedures are followed in the preparation of these oils.


Similar to the medicinal oils but the herbs are boiled in ghee.


A type of medicinal paste used for external application.


Calcified preparations in which herbal extracts are subjected to intense heat.


These are concentrations of decoctions preserved with the help of sugar, jaggery (palm sugar) or herbal alcohol.