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International Spas

1) Centrovital Hotel - Berlin, Germany

Nestled right on Lake Spandau, this hotel in Berlin not only offers guests ideal accommodation options, but a sports club, day spa and an Ayurveda centre where you can enjoy holistic healing by Siddhalepa for complete inner balance.


2) Hotel Kaskady - Sliac, Slovakia

Set amidst the idyllic backdrop of Sliac, this hotel can be found in High Tatra, in the heart of Slovakia in a region known for its thermal springs. Our spa offers the very best of Ayurveda treatments and programmes providing rejuvenation & revitalisation.

Letecká 19,
962 31 Sliac,

3) Kur Royal - Bad Homburg, Germany

Kur Royal lies amidst the tranquillity of historic Kurpark Spa Park in Bad Homburg, known for its spa culture that has attracted royalty from days of old. Experience our personalised Ayurveda treatments and authentic therapies at this most unique setting.

Augusta Allee 10,
61348 Bad Homburg,

4) Hotel Savannah - Znojmo, Czech Republic

A deluxe four-star property, Hotel Savannah in the Czech Republic is near the Austrian border, within easy reach of Znojmo and its historic sites. The experienced Ayurveda doctors at our Siddhalepa Spa offer individual therapies & five day treatment programmes as well.

Trans World Hotels, s.r.o,
Chvalovice-Hate 198,
66902 Znojmo,
Czech Republic